docstring of filter normalize_decimal not parsable by admindocs

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Issue #962 resolved
Hynek Cernoch created an issue

Docstring of filter normalize_decimal is not parsable by admindocs. The docstring for filter 'normalize_decimal' cannot be correctly displayed by 'django.contrib.admindocs'.

How to reproduce:

  1. Add thic value to projects/simple/

INSTALLED_APPS = (..., 'django.contrib.admindocs')

  1. Try the URL http://localhost:8000/admin/doc/filters/

Error: In the middle of page is red warning symbol in the part 'normalize_decimal' with the text

{{{ #!text

System Message: ERROR/3 (<filter:normalize_decimal>, line 9) Unexpected indentation.

System Message: WARNING/2 (<filter:normalize_decimal>, line 14) Definition list ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent. }}}

How to repair:

Use typical python docstring style which is well understand by admindocs (Patch attached)

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