payment/protx: save() got an unexpected keyword argument 'data'

Issue #985 resolved
Kevin Golding created an issue

The Protx payment module appears to have trouble saving after the card details are given:

Traceback: File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/django/core/handlers/" in get_response 92. response = callback(request, callback_args, *callback_kwargs) File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/Satchmo-0.9_0-py2.6.egg/payment/modules/protx/" in pay_ship_info 17. template="shop/checkout/protx/pay_ship.html") File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/Satchmo-0.9_0-py2.6.egg/payment/views/" in credit_pay_ship_info 186. return base_pay_ship_info(request, payment_module, credit_pay_ship_process_form, template) File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/Satchmo-0.9_0-py2.6.egg/payment/views/" in base_pay_ship_info 177. results = form_handler(request, contact, working_cart, payment_module) File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/Satchmo-0.9_0-py2.6.egg/payment/views/" in credit_pay_ship_process_form 73., working_cart, contact, payment_module, data=data)

Exception Type: TypeError at /checkout/protx/ Exception Value: save() got an unexpected keyword argument 'data'

<Contact: Kevin Golding>

{'card_holder': None, 'ccv': u'456', 'credit_number': u'4111111111111111 ', 'credit_type': u'VISA', 'issue_num': None, 'month_expires': 4, 'month_start': None, 'shipping': u'PerItem', 'year_expires': 2010, 'year_start': None} form
<payment.modules.protx.forms.ProtxPayShipForm object at 0x817baba10>


<QueryDict: {u'month_start': [u'1'], u'month_expires': [u'4'], u'year_start': [u'2010'], u'ccv': [u'456'], u'issue_num': [u''], u'shipping': [u'PerItem'], u'credit_type': [u'VISA'], u'credit_number': [u'4111111111111111 '], u'year_expires': [u'2010'], u'card_holder': [u'Kevin Golding']}> payment_module
{'LIVE': <livesettings.values.BooleanValue object at 0x816760190>, 'SIMULATOR': <livesettings.values.MultipleStringValue object at 0x816760990>, 'SKIP_POST': <livesettings.values.StringValue object at 0x816760d50>, 'CAPTURE': <livesettings.values.StringValue object at 0x8167608d0>, 'SSL': <livesettings.values.ModuleValue object at 0x8167606d0>, 'MODULE': <livesettings.values.StringValue object at 0x816760790>, 'KEY': <livesettings.values.StringValue object at 0x816760550>, 'LABEL': <livesettings.values.BooleanValue object at 0x8167602d0>, 'CREDITCHOICES': <livesettings.values.StringValue object at 0x816760c10>, 'VENDOR': <livesettings.values.BooleanValue object at 0x816760410>, 'VENDOR_SIMULATOR': <livesettings.values.StringValue object at 0x816760e10>, 'CURRENCY_CODE': <livesettings.values.BooleanValue object at 0x816760610>, 'URL_BASE': <livesettings.values.BooleanValue object at 0x816760f50>, 'EXTRA_LOGGING': <livesettings.values.StringValue object at 0x816760ad0>}

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  1. Kevin Golding reporter

    I hate to say it but that doesn't seem to fix it. Debug reports the problem still in "payment/views/ in credit_pay_ship_process_form" line73 -, working_cart, contact, payment_module, data=data)

    I'll try a fresh install of tip a little later to see if I've any local conflicts but I don't see any since all my modifications in payment are now included.

  2. Kevin Golding reporter

    Nope, it looks like I did get my local copies mixed up. A fresh install of -tip shows that problem is fixed, albeit it appears to have revealled another one. I'll have a quick look and open another ticket for that error since I don't believe it's caused by this fix, simply revealled.

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