add a 'current_product' to extra_context product view

Issue #996 resolved
Franck Bret created an issue

add a 'current_product' to extra_context product view is util in case of product_configurable usage in order to stick to a product parent/children or model/variation concept.

In this view 'product' return Parent/model information, 'current_product' transport current children/variation data and make it available for product templates. It doesn't break existing product scheme, just give access to utils data in product view

patch attached : /satchmo/apps/product/views/

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  1. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    Could you attach a diff instead of the whole file? It's easier to keep track of, review and update if I'm just looking at the changes.

    What you are proposing is reasonable and we can add it, I'd just prefer the standard diff/patch format.


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