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ignore .git from mercurial and .hg from git
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contact_info is now a Django 1.3 class-based view (extends FormView).
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Added tag 0.9.2 for changeset 3250f63baa75
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Adding Rudolph and his company to the authors to thank him for his support over the years.
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Make some doc changes. Indicate that Pillow is the new imaging requirement.
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Converting contributors to UTF-8. Closes #919
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bumping revs to indicate we are in 0.9.3 development.
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One more cleanup for tax data that had been missed. Also making sure localsite
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README.md edited online with Bitbucket
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merging module-reorg branch to trunk. r1736:1862
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merging module-reorg branch to trunk. r1736:1862
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Closing #858
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Fixing issues with deployment packaging. Closes #942 and relates to part of #938.


Satchmo is an eCommerce framework created in Django which allows you to develop unique and robust online stores.

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