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satchmo / CommonAttributes

This wiki entry is a suggestion and does not reflect current state of program.

It is suggested that some standard attributes be defined. This way future plugins/modules will be able to find the common data. In addition, this will encourage store builders to collect relevant data. These fields can also help search engines find product pages. Individual users haphazardly assigning attributes will lead to many omissions and will not facilitate automatic handling by various modules. Uniform handling is needed for semantic web/web 2.0 compliance.

Suggested Module usage

  • product display module needs to display UPC/EAN/JAN/GTIN and ISBN-10/ISBN-13 in various ways to facilitate searching. Google "isbn 0-11-290433-5" yields 27, "isbn 0112904335" yields 183, "9780112904335" yields 43 (only 5 if you include EAN) , and '(isbn 0-11-290433-5) OR (isbn 0112904335) OR "9780112904335"' yields 103 and the zero padded to GTIN-14 "09780112904335" yields 0
  • The shipping module needs to know the sizes of packaged products so it can estimate how they will be packed into shipping boxes. Needs to consult hazmat module.
  • Hazmat module: Hazmat surcharges and shipping restrictions need to be taken into account. Emergency Response Telephone Number needs to be put on shipping label.
  • Export module needs to determine if it is legal to export a product to a particular country or individual/organization, and needs to know what classification data to put on the shipping label/bill of lading
  • Google products feed module needs to harvest product attributes for submission to google products
  • books module needs to lookup product via its ISBN or the UPC/EAN derivative on the library of congress catalog and import information via Z39.50 gateway, as well as link to various book related sites such as,,,
  • Music module: import CD tracklist data from musicbrainz, etc.
  • Search module - search products by specifications

Identifying numbers

  • UPC - Universal Product Code barcode number
  • EAN - European Article Number barcode number
  • GTIN - Global Trade Item Number - a UPC or EAN are subsets of GTIN. A single GTIN field could hold GTIN/EAN/UPC but product page should display it in multiple formats since people can search on UPC or EAN or 14 digit version of GTIN.

Regulatory Compliance



  • Datasheet - link to product datasheet
  • manual - Link to product manual
  • manufact_product_page - Link to manufacturer's product description page
  • manufact_product_support - Link to manufacturer's product support page
  • MusicBrainz - url or disk signature linking to musicbrainz database for compact disks Unfortunately, MusicBrainz and freedb don't store UPC codes but they do compute a code from reading the disk.
  • FreeDB - url or disk signature linkint to FreeDB database for compact disks
  • imdb - link to internet movie database for VHS/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray movies

Energy Info

  • Volts
  • ac_dc
  • Amps
  • watts

Google Product Search Metadata This data helps Google Product Search (TM) and other sites index your products


  • boundingbox_product - the smallest box the product would fit in, gives a size of dimensions, length x width x height
  • boundingbox_package - the smallest box the retail package for the product would fit in. May be used to compute combined packaging for shipping
  • open_source_content - Notices regarding open source software or hardware incorporated in the product.

Domain Specific There are many others that are specific to particular domains such as metal sold by inch/foot, fasteners, computer hardware, textiles, clothing. To be expanded. Computers and peripherals and electronic components have a wide variety specifications that should be entered (and lack a standard format to convey this information from manufacturer to retailer). *Citation* For books, periodicals, article reprints, etc. A bibliographic citation in a machine readable format such as

*Blank CD/DVD/Blu-ray media

  • media_code The brand/model doesn't tell you what media you are getting (most are rebranded) and it does make a difference. Responsible sellers should give the media code.
    • web cameras/digital cameras/camcorders/scanners*
  • sensor_resolution - The (almost) true sensor resolution with no fraudulent interpolated claims. (i.e. 1920x1080) Even this is an exageration since almost most cameras use a bayer mask instead of tristimulus sensors.
    • USB peripheral*
  • The vid:pid already covered under identifying numbers section.
  • usb_descriptor_raw On a linux machine, the appropriate file in /dev/bus/usb/*/*
  • usb_descriptor_dump output of lsusb -v -d {vid:pid} on a linux box Here is what purports to be a port to windoze: Another windows utility freebsd has an lsusb utility. Descriptor dumps provide valuable information to technical users about what a device can do and how it does it.
  • linux_usb_link - link to linux usb working devices list
  • ms_usbview - link to output of microsoft usbview utility?

*Drivers for Computer Peripheral*

  • linux_driver - link
  • freebsd_driver - link
  • openbsd_driver - link
  • netbsd_driver - link
  • mac_os_x_driver - link
  • windoze_driver - link

Notes Product attributes should be made hierarchical, especially those specific to particular product domains, with some parts of the hierarchy automatically selected for specific product categories.