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satchmo / DocumentationReorganization

Documentation Reorganization Proposal

This page discusses ideas for reorganizing the documentation to be more complete and more user friendly.

Proposed Sections

Getting Started

  • Basic terminology
  • Satchmo directory structure
  • How Satchmo works (basic)/Technology stack
  • Satchmo core apps
  • Satchmo extras

User's Guide Basics

  • Installing Satchmo
  • Configuring Your Store
  • Creating Products
  • Processing Orders
  • Viewing Reports
  • Configuring Multi-tieried pricing
  • Plugging in other apps to a Satchmo store
  • Best Practices

Beyond Basics

  • Integrating a blog
  • Adding a newsletter
  • Customizing sitemap
  • Customizing Product feeds
  • Modifying urls and views

Themer's Guide

  • List of theme files with corresponding urls themed by them
  • Theming categories
  • Themeing multiple images of products
  • Customizing the site base template
  • Customizing product pages
  • Customzing account page
  • Theming product feeds

Developer's Guide

  • How Satchmo works (advanced)
  • Writing new payment module
  • Satchmo APIs
  • Localisation and Translation
  • Coding Standards
  • Best Practices
  • Development tools