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satchmo / OptionalFeatures

Google Base

This module is not enabled by default.


  • It exports all active products into the feed.
  • It adds all the legal payment types to the feed.
  • It skips "Configurable Products" - since the products that should be exported are child !ProductVariations. (I.E. the XL Blue Fancy Shirt, not the Fancy Shirt parent)
  • It adds dimensions if found.
  • It automatically tries to figure out how to apply product options. For example, if you have an !OptionGroup named "Size" or "Sizes", it will automatically be applied to the !GoogleBase attribute <g:size>size</g:size>. Similarly for "Color", "Style", etc.
  • It applies the same logic to attributes. If you have an attribute, "Brand", for example, then the feed will contain an entry for "<g:brand>brand</g:brand>"
  • In either case, if it is not found in the base google tags, it will make a custom tag. For example. "<c:book_type:string>hardback</c:book_type:string>"


On your site:

Add "satchmo.feeds" to your INSTALLED_APPS

In, add the feeds to the site urls like so:

URLS = patterns('', 
    # your other url overrides here
    (r'^feed/', include('satchmo.feeds.urls')),

On Google:

Review the installation steps here: