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Satchmo Job Board

Satchmo Developers

If you are available to contract for Satchmo store development, post your contact information here.

Velocity Webworks high-end web and mobile development, custom Satchmo development.

AceDevs, Inc. 2 full-time experienced Satchmo developers

Martin Bouma, EGOACTIVE, Amsterdam, Netherlands (dutch)

Frank Malina <fmalina@gmail.com>, North-West UK (english, czech, slovak, german) sample shop

Pageworthy Satchmo development

Paul Egges <mountainpaul "at" gmail.com>

Bruce Kroeze, Satchmo developer

John Shaffer <jshaffer2112 "at" gmail.com>

Andrew Khavryuchenko <akhavr@khavr.com>

Les Smithson <lsmithso@hare.demon.co.uk>, Python, Django, Satchmo development, London, UK.

Chris Moffitt, custom Django and Satchmo development.

Comfy Chair Consulting Django, Pylons, App Engine and Satchmo development

devsAr django developers Satchmo, Pinax, Amazon AWS & Google App Engine development

Satchmo Jobs

If you are looking for a satchmo developer, post your request here.

Freedom Included, Inc. is looking for a Satchmo Consultant.

If you are interested, please contact Daniel Clark <djbclark "at" freedomincluded.com> with your favorite live-on-the-web example of a Satchmo store you developed, your rates, and any special reasons you think you'd be a good person/company to hire.

(posted on 2011-01-11)

We are looking for developers who have experience in building e-commerce applications. We are planning a marketplace platform, and we want it to be based on Satchmo and Django.

If you are interested, please contact community@matrixware.net soon

(posted on 2009-09-03)