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I'm attempting to send just the first n bytes of a file, but either I'm doing it wrong or poster makes no such allowance. This code works for me when I send the whole file: {{{


f = open(filePath, 'rb')
datagen, headers = multipart_encode({'file': f})


I thought this would work for a partial file, but it doesn't:



f = open(filePath, 'rb')
mp = MultipartParam('file', fileobj=f, filesize=1000) # send just first 1000 bytes
datagen, headers = multipart_encode([mp])

}}} In fact, even if I pass a list of MultipartParams to multipart_encode without the filesize option, I'm getting errors from urllib2.urlopen or requests that hang and timeout.

Is this something that should work? If not, could you add in a way to send just the first n bytes?

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  1. Chris AtLee repo owner


    Right now poster assumes that you're going to be sending the entire file, and relies on the behaviour of to know when to stop sending data.

    I think the easiest way forward for this right now is to create a wrapper around f that returns only the first 1000 bytes from its read() method.

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