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"Package" tests installed on installation of poster

Daniel Rech
created an issue

After installing poster my virtualenv lib/python2.7/site-packages contained a folder "tests" with poster tests in it. (Mac OS X 10.6, Python 2.7, pip 1.0, virtualenv 1.6)

Anyone else with similar experiences?

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi, there is a patch:

    index eb6775a..f153c81 100644
    --- a/
    +++ b/
    @@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ multipart/form-data encoding of string or file parameters""",
           download_url='' % version,
    -      packages=find_packages(exclude='tests'),
    +      packages=find_packages(exclude=['tests']),
           extras_require = {'poster': ["buildutils", "sphinx"]},
  2. Éric Araujo

    This patch will prevent a tests package from being installed, which is good if you don’t want poster tests to be installed at all.

    To install them as poster.tests, you need hg mv + remove the exclude arg to find_packages + adapt test runner/README/etc. The reason many people have tests as a subpackage is that they can instruct users to run the tests of their installed version if they find a bug.

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