Chris Doble avatar Chris Doble committed 91a1ec3

Fix pagination bug, improve no results message.

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     public List<TestCaseFailures> getFilteredResultsList(int firstResult, int maxResults) {
-        int toIndex = Math.min(getLeadingTestCaseFailures().size(), firstResult + maxResults);
-        return getLeadingTestCaseFailures().subList(firstResult, toIndex);
+        List<TestCaseFailures> leadingTestCaseFailures = getLeadingTestCaseFailures();
+        int from = Math.min(leadingTestCaseFailures.size(), firstResult);
+        int to = Math.min(leadingTestCaseFailures.size(), firstResult + maxResults);
+        return leadingTestCaseFailures.subList(from, to);


-            <p>No builds have been run.</p>
+            <p>There are no builds, no tests, or no failures!</p>
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