Ekho is a self-contained, DOM-agnostic event library for javascript. It provides event bubbling and a nice extensible API for event emitters.

Supported Platforms

Ekho should run on any platform that supports the Array additions from JavaScript 1.6. This includes all actual browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari), and the hot backend stuff, like Narwhal and Node.js.

Support for IE depends on adding support for these additions. Implementations for them may be found in the MDC wiki (though some may not be so correct or clean). You can also use the delicious ES5-shim library.

Where CommonJS modules are supported, they'll be used. That means no polluting your globe needlessly.


Ekho is hosted (and developed) on BitBucket. You can download the lastest snapshot or clone the entire repository:

hg clone https://killdream@bitbucket.org/killdream/ekho

Building stuff

Ekho uses Cakefiles for build tasks. If you want them, you'll need:

  • UglifyJS - the tool used to minify Ekho.
  • Node.js - because everything is just JavaScript
  • CoffeeScript - because I lied, and it's actually CoffeeScript...

After you've got those small requirements, just issue cakes from the command line. For example, to build a minified version of the script:

$ cake build

Typing cake without parameters will list all the build tasks available.

Note that you'll need a bleeding-edge version of UglifyJS (get it directly from the github repository), since the previous versions didn't like form feeds.


Currently there are no tests. I would be really grateful to you, missy, if you could write some. I mean, really :3

I'm currently using iterative testing as I develop, but that's obviously not good for you if you're going to use the library and/or make your own changes...


Until I can sort out some stuff with the layout and other stuff for the OrpheOS project, I won't be writing actual documentation.

But for now, you can try and refer to the doc-comment vomit in the source code. It's not the best thing in the world, I know (doc-comments are not documentation), but it sorta works.


  • Use the BitBucket tracker to report bugs and/or request features. Like a boss!
  • Fork, do your changes and send me a pull request~
  • You can also send me an e-mail on quildreen@gmail.com


Ekho is licensed under the delicious and permissive MIT licence. You can happily copy, share, modify, sell or whatever - refer to the actual licence text for less information:

$ less LICENCE.txt