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File pypy/doc/garbage_collection.rst

   are preserved.  If the object dies then the pre-reserved location
   becomes free garbage, to be collected at the next major collection.
+The exact name of this GC is either `minimark` or `incminimark`.  The
+latter is a version that does major collections incrementally (i.e.  one
+major collection is split along some number of minor collections, rather
+than being done all at once after a specific minor collection).  The
+default is `incminimark`, as it seems to have a very minimal impact on
+performance and memory usage at the benefit of avoiding the long pauses
+of `minimark`.
 .. include:: _ref.txt

File pypy/doc/gc_info.rst

-PyPy's default ``minimark`` garbage collector is configurable through
+PyPy's default ``incminimark`` garbage collector is configurable through
 several environment variables:
     Defaults to 1/2 of your cache or ``4M``.
     Small values (like 1 or 1KB) are useful for debugging.
+    The interval at which nursery is cleaned up. Must
+    be smaller than the nursery size and bigger than the
+    biggest object we can allotate in the nursery.
+    The size of memory marked during the marking step.  Default is size of
+    nursery times 2. If you mark it too high your GC is not incremental at
+    all.  The minimum is set to size that survives minor collection times
+    1.5 so we reclaim anything all the time.
     Major collection memory factor.
     Default is ``1.82``, which means trigger a major collection when the