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     Dealing with cache
         Cache should be agnostic to model changes.
         Version objects in cache.
+    TDD
+        Goes against prototyping
+ - Make a game out of testing
+    Test driven refactoring
+        Almost guarenteed that you will be rafactoring
+    Successful strategies
+        Require unit tests for all code going forward
+        Establish a good foundation to build on
+    Every bug is two bugs
+        One in the code that broke and one in the test that failed to catch it
+    Tests need data
+        Fixtures
+            user types/permissions, relatively constant stuff
+        Use ObjectCreator
+            frequently changing objects
+    Should I get test data from cache?
+        NO
+    Test infrastructure
+        If you have servers like Solr or RabbitMQ
+            Run them on staging not in the dev
+        Leverage logging where useful
+    Testing tools:
+        Nose
+        Coverage
+        Mock
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