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What the heck is Showofffr (besides a spastic f key)? It's a way to share and show wireframes, HTML mockups, and, if you want, complete designs to co-workers, friends, family members, and, oh yeah, clients.

It was also created for Django Dash 2011, so it was made as fast as possible by Brack3t (that's Kenneth Love and Chris Jones).

Oh, yeah, if you want to check out the site, it's


We don't assume much. Just:

  • Python (we used 2.7 but other flavors just might work too).
  • A database (we used PostgreSQL but if you're down with the dolphin, that's fine).
  • Redis

After that, clone our repository, install the dependencies (pip install -r requirements.txt in your virtualenv) and then create inside the settings folder. This is where you override our settings with your own. You'll want to include an email server and your database and Redis settings.

Then you should python syncdb and python migrate and then you're all ready to run the server with python runserver or some fancy Gunicorn stuff if you want.

You'll also need to have django-celery running if you want to do the email sending stuff. Just run python celeryd in another shell.


If you find problems, bugs, improvements, or just comments about the project stirring in your soul, feel free to leave a ticket here on Bitbucket or hit either one of us up on Twitter.