HTSQL -- A Query Language for the Accidental Programmer

HTSQL ("Hyper Text Structured Query Language") is a schema-driven URI-to-SQL translator that takes a request over HTTP, converts it to a SQL query, executes the query against a database, and returns the results in a format best suited for the user agent (CSV, HTML, etc.).

HTSQL is copyright by Prometheus Research, LLC. See the file LICENSE for details. HTSQL is written by Clark C. Evans <> and Kirill Simonov <>.

For installation instructions, see INSTALL. For list of new features in this release, see NEWS. HTSQL documentation is in the doc directory.

The HTSQL homepage;
HTSQL source code;
#htsql on freenode;
Our IRC channel;
The mailing list for users of HTSQL.