1. Chris Miles
  2. Chronr


Chronr / chronr / chronr / lib / helpers.py

"""Helper functions

Consists of functions to typically be used within templates, but also
available to Controllers. This module is available to templates as 'h'.
# Import helpers as desired, or define your own, ie:
#from webhelpers.html.tags import checkbox, password

# from formbuild.helpers import field, start_with_layout as form_start, end_with_layout as form_end
from pylons import url, request, response
from routes.util import url_for
# from webhelpers.html import literal
# from webhelpers.html.tags import *

from webflash import Flash

flash = Flash(
    get_response=lambda: response,
    get_request=lambda: request

def flash_ok(message):
    flash(message, status='ok')

def flash_info(message):
    flash(message, status='info')

def flash_alert(message):
    flash(message, status='alert')

def user():
    """Return the currently logged-in user object
    or None if not logged in.
    identity = request.environ.get('repoze.who.identity')
    if identity is not None:
        # Get some data associated with the user. (Eg. the user object that was assigned in UserModelPlugin.)
        user = identity.get('user')
        user = None
    return user