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# encoding: utf-8


A module to manage the common record types of a zone file,
including SOA records.  This module sits on top of the
dnspython package and provides a higher level abstraction
for common zone file manipulation use cases.

__author__ = 'Chris Miles'
__copyright__ = '(c) Chris Miles 2007'
__id__ = '$Id$'
__url__ = '$URL$'
__version__ = '1.1.1'

# ---- Imports ----

# - Python Modules -
from time import localtime, strftime, time
import types

# - dnspython Modules -
except ImportError:
    import sys
    sys.stderr.write("Requires dns module from\n")

import dns.rdtypes.ANY.CNAME
import dns.rdtypes.ANY.NS
import dns.rdtypes.ANY.MX
import dns.rdtypes.IN.A

# ---- Exceptions ----

class ZoneError(Exception):
    '''An error from easyzone.Zone'''

class NameError(Exception):
    '''An error from easyzone.Name'''

class RecordsError(Exception):
    '''An error from easyzone.Records'''

# ---- Classes ----

class SOA(object):
    '''Represents the SOA fields of the root node of a Zone.
    def __init__(self, soa):
        self._soa = soa
    def get_mname(self):
        return str(self._soa.mname)
    def set_mname(self, value):
        name = value.split('.') )
        self._soa.mname = name
    mname = property(get_mname, set_mname)
    def get_rname(self):
        return str(self._soa.rname)
    def set_rname(self, value):
        name = value.split('.') )
        self._soa.rname = name
    rname = property(get_rname, set_rname)
    def get_serial(self):
        return self._soa.serial
    def set_serial(self, value):
        self._soa.serial = value
    serial = property(get_serial, set_serial)
    def get_refresh(self):
        return self._soa.refresh
    def set_refresh(self, value):
        self._soa.refresh = value
    refresh = property(get_refresh, set_refresh)
    def get_retry(self):
        return self._soa.retry
    def set_retry(self, value):
        self._soa.retry = value
    retry = property(get_retry, set_retry)
    def get_expire(self):
        return self._soa.expire
    def set_expire(self, value):
        self._soa.expire = value
    expire = property(get_expire, set_expire)
    def get_minttl(self):
        return self._soa.minimum
    def set_minttl(self, value):
        self._soa.minimum = value
    minttl = property(get_minttl, set_minttl)

class Records(object):
    '''Represents the records associated with a name node.  
    Record items are common DNS types such as 'A', 'MX',
    'NS', etc.
    def __init__(self, rectype, rdataset):
        self.type = rectype
        self._rdataset = rdataset
    def add(self, item):
        if self.type == 'MX':
            assert type(item) == types.TupleType
            assert len(item) == 2
            assert type(item[0]) == types.IntType
            assert type(item[1]) == types.StringType
            assert type(item) == types.StringType
        rd = _new_rdata(self.type, item)
    def delete(self, item):
        rd = _new_rdata(self.type, item)
        except ValueError:
            raise RecordsError("No such item in record: %s" %item)
    def __iter__(self):
        self._item_iter = iter(self._rdataset.items)
        return self
    def next(self):
        if self.type == 'MX':
            r =
            return (r.preference, str(
            return str(
    def get_items(self):
        return [r for r in self]
    items = property(get_items)

class Name(object):
    '''Represents a name node within a zone file.  This could
    be the root node (the zone itself) or a hostname or subdomain
    Each node can consist of one or more records of various
    types, e.g. 'MX', 'A', 'NS', etc.
    If `node` is a dns.node object then the records associated
    with that node will be available as the `records` attribute.
    If the node contains SOA fields (i.e. the  root ('@') node)
    then the `soa` attribute points to an SOA object.
    def __init__(self, name, node=None, ttl=None): = name
        self.soa = None
        self.ttl = ttl
        self._node = node
        if node:
            soa = soa_from_node(node)
            if soa:
                self.soa = SOA(soa)
    def records(self, rectype, create=False, ttl=None):
        typeval = dns.rdatatype._by_text.get(rectype, None)
        if typeval is None:
            raise NameError("Invalid type: %s" %rectype)
        r = self._node.get_rdataset(dns.rdataclass.IN, typeval, create=create)
        if r is None:
            return None
        if self.ttl and r.ttl == 0:
        rec = Records(rectype, r)
        return rec
    def clear_all_records(self, exclude=None):
        '''Clear all the records for this name node.
        if exclude is None:
            self._node.rdatasets = []
            exclude_type = dns.rdatatype._by_text.get(exclude, None)
            if exclude_type is None:
                raise NameError("Invalid exclude: %s" % exclude)
            for r in self._node.rdatasets:
                if r.rdtype != exclude_type:

class Zone(object):
    '''Represents a DNS zone.
    def __init__(self, domain):
        if not domain or not isinstance(domain, types.StringTypes):
            raise ZoneError('Invalid domain')
        if domain[-1] != '.':
            domain = domain + '.'
        self.domain = domain
        self._zone = None
    def load_from_file(self, filename):
        '''Load the details of a zone from zone file `filename`.
        self.filename = filename
        self._zone =, self.domain, relativize=False)
    def get_root(self):
        '''Return the root ("@") name of the zone as a Name object.
        if not self._zone:
            return None
        return Name('@', self._zone[self.domain])
    root = property(get_root)
    def get_names(self):
        '''Return a dictionary of names, keyed by name as string,
        with values as corresponding Name objects.'''
        if not self._zone:
            return None
        default_ttl = soa_from_node(self._zone[self.domain]).minimum
        names = {}
        for name in self._zone.keys():
            name = str(name)
            nameobj = Name(name, self._zone[name], default_ttl)
            names[name] = nameobj
        return names
    names = property(get_names)
    def add_name(self, name):
        '''Add a new name (hostname) to the zone.
        If a node with the same name already exists it is returned instead.
        node = self._zone.get_node(name, create=True)
        if node is None:
            raise ZoneError("Could not create node named: %s" %name)
    def delete_name(self, name):
        '''Remove all nodes associated with a name (hostname) from the zone.
        If no such nodes exist, nothing happens.
    def save(self, filename=None, autoserial=False):
        '''Write the zone back to a file.
        If `filename` is not specified the zone will be written
        over the top of the file it was read from.
        if `autoserial`is True then the serial will be updated to the
        current date in common YYYYMMDDxx format.  The serial is
        guaranteed to be larger than the previous number.
        if autoserial:
            soa = self.root.soa
            new_serial = int(strftime('%Y%m%d00', localtime(time())))
            if new_serial <= soa.serial:
                new_serial = soa.serial + 1
            soa.serial = new_serial
        if not filename:
            filename = self.filename

# ---- Module Functions ----

def zone_from_file(domain, filename):
    '''Read a zone file and return the contents as a Zone object.
    zone = Zone(domain)

def _new_rdata(rectype, *args):
    '''Create a new rdata type of `rectype`.
    rectype must be one of: 'NS', 'MX', 'A', 'CNAME'
    Extra arguments are as required by the rectype.
    if rectype == 'NS':
        name = args[0].split('.') )
        rd = dns.rdtypes.ANY.NS.NS(dns.rdataclass.IN, dns.rdatatype.NS, name)
    elif rectype == 'MX':
        preference = args[0][0]
        exchange = args[0][1].split('.') )
        rd = dns.rdtypes.ANY.MX.MX(dns.rdataclass.IN, dns.rdatatype.MX, preference, exchange)
    elif rectype == 'A':
        #name = args[0].split('.') )
        name = args[0]
        rd = dns.rdtypes.IN.A.A(dns.rdataclass.IN, dns.rdatatype.A, name)
    elif rectype == 'CNAME':
        name = args[0].split('.') )
        rd = dns.rdtypes.ANY.CNAME.CNAME(dns.rdataclass.IN, dns.rdatatype.CNAME, name)
        raise ValueError("rectype not supported: %s" %rectype)
    return rd

def soa_from_node(node):
    _soa_rec = node.get_rdataset(dns.rdataclass.IN, dns.rdatatype.SOA)
    if _soa_rec:
        soa = _soa_rec.items[0]
        soa = None
    return soa