Probe2wire2071a is a Python package providing an interface to fetch information from 2Wire 2071-A broadband routers.

It may work with other similar 2Wire routers, but these have not yet been tested.

This has been specifically tested with 2Wire 2071-A routers distributed by BigPond Australia. The same routers distributed by other ISPs and resellers need to be tested.


Fetch broadband statistics from router:

>>> from probe2wire2071a.probe import Probe
>>> p = Probe('')
>>> s = p.broadband_statistics()
>>> s
{'receive': {'bytes': 3530859959L, 'errors': 0L, 'packets': 48704220L},
 'transmit': {'bytes': 870327480L, 'errors': 0L, 'packets': 48042835L}}