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PSI News

21 November 2009 - PSI 0.3b2 released

Version 0.3b2 has been released and is available for download from PyPI. It has many improvements:

  • Improved handling of time.
  • Improved handling of process names and arguments which simplifies usage by promising availability for some attributes.
  • New experimental methods on Process objects: .children() and .kill().
  • The ability to get the process list from a 64-bit process while running in a 32-bit python on Solaris.
  • New experimental mount module.

And many more small fixes and improvements!

12 August 2009 - PSI Lightning Talks

Floris and Chris recently gave lightning talks about PSI at EuroPython 2009 and MelbournePUG respectively. See Presentations for the slides.

24 May 2009 - Moved to bitbucket

PSI has now moved to bitbucket. The psitop and psips tools each have their own repositories now.

21 May 2009 - PSI 0.3b1.1 released

First bugfix release 0.3b1. Now ships the MANIFEST file and the source files for all platforms instead of just Linux. Get it form pypi.

20/05/2009 PSI 0.3b1 released

Version 0.3b1 has been release is and is available for download form pypi. It has some API cleanup, lots of fixes and also supports AIX as well as Linux, SunOS and Darwin. If you've tried PSI before be sure to check this new version!

11/09/2007 PSI Lightning Talk at PyCon UK 2007:

Chris Miles gave a Lightning Talk about PSI at !PyCon UK 2007.

06/09/2007 PSI 0.2a1 released

PSI 0.2a1 has been released. This version supports Solaris, Linux and Mac OS X and provides detailed run-time process information.

27/07/2007 Pre-release:

I've had requests for access to a pre-release, which I'm happy to provide. Please be aware that only minimal support will be offered for it, and that the API may still change before the actual release. Please read the notes that accompany the pre-release. Note that very little documentation exists. Try help(psi) and help(psi.process) at the Python prompt. Feedback and patches are welcome.


  • psi.loadavg(), psi.arch and psi.process implemented for Mac OS X and Solaris.
  • Very early Linux support also.
  • To install: $ python install