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ICST Ambisonics Plugins / Radar Interaction

Radar Interaction

Actions available in Encoder and Decoder:

  • Zoom In: Right Mouse Button Click / MouseWheel
  • Zoom Out: Shift + Right Mouse Button Click / MouseWheel
  • Reset Zoom: Home-Button (OSX: Fn + Left Arrow)
  • Select Point: Click Point
  • Select Multiple Points: Shift + Click Multiple Points or Select rectangular Region using Drag-Drop
  • Move Point(s): Drag-Drop Selected Point(s)

Actions available in Multi-Channel-Encoder only:

  • Group: Select multiple points -> Click Group-Symbol below Radar
  • Ungroup: Select Group Point -> Click Ungroup-Symbol below Radar
  • Select Group: Click Group Point
  • Select Multiple Groups: Shift + Click Multiple Group Points
  • Move Group(s): Drag-Drop Selected Group Point(s)
  • Move Group Point(s) only: Shift + Drag-Drop Selected Group Point(s)
  • Stretch Group: Alt -> Stretchsymbol -> Mouse Up/down to increase/decrease stretch
  • Rotate Point(s) around Group Point(s): Alt -> Drag-Drop Rotate-Around-Group-Symbol
  • Rotate Group(s) around Origin: Alt -> Drag-Drop Rotate-Around-Origin-Symbol

Actions affecting sound:

  • Mute selected source/speaker: Ctrl + Shift + m
  • Solo selected source/speaker: Ctrl + Shift + s