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1.1 release notes

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+Tinkerer 1.1 Released
+What's New
+* Tinkerer extension repository at `tinkerer-contrib <>`_.
+* Improved extension mechanism and documentation
+* Easier to customize post and page templates for your blog
+* Improved HTML5 compliance
+* HTML meta description for blogs
+* *Minimal5* theme similar to *Minimal* theme but based on HTML5 Boilerplate
+* Other bug fixes
+Important notes on upgrading:
+* Run `tinkerer --setup` in your blog root. This will copy `page.rst` and
+  `post.rst` to your blog's `_templates` directory. You can customize them to
+  tweak your default posts and pages (other contrib extensions can also
+  leverage this).
+* If you are using `hidemail` or `fbcomments` extensions, the extensions moved
+  to `tinkerer-contrib`, meaning they no longer come out-of-the-box. Please
+  pull them from there and place them in the `_exts` subdirectory of your blog.
+* There is a new `description` field you can add to your ``, which will
+  become an HTML meta description on the generated pages. This appears
+  automatically in newly setup blogs but, by design, Tinkerer upgrade does not
+  alter existing `` files in any way.
+Deprecation Notice
+The old themes not based on HTML5 Boilerplate will be removed in the next
+Tinkerer release. These are the *tinkerbase* base theme and the *minimal* and
+*modern* themes.
+This release brings an alternative *minimal5* theme with a similar look to the
+*minimal* theme. The *minimal* theme was built with customization in mind so if
+you are using it, please make sure to alter your CSS to support the new
+*minimal5* theme. Since *minimal5* has a different base theme, elements
+might have different tags/classes/ids.
+As usual, many thanks to everyone involved for your suggestions, bug reports
+and pull requests!
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