grails-propertyset / plugin.xml

<plugin name='propertyset' version='1.0.1' grailsVersion='2.1 &gt; *'>
  <author>Christian Junk</author>
  <title>Propertyset Plugin</title>
  <description>Grails PropertySet Plugin is a persistence-agnostic module that can be used to fulfill storage requirements in applications that can change constantly. An example of this might be a "User Preferences" storage device. It may be impossible to know what the user can store at any given time in your application's lifecycle, so employing a PropertySet can help. Backed by GORM you can provide a complete typed key-value pair implementation.
    <repository name='grailsCentral' url='' />
    <repository name='' url='' />
    <repository name='mavenCentral' url='' />
      <dependency group='org.grails.plugins' name='cloud-support' version='1.0.8' />
      <dependency group='org.apache.xmlbeans' name='xmlbeans' version='2.3.0' />
  <plugins />
  <runtimePluginRequirements />
  <behavior />
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