cruge / components / CrugeException.php

/**	CrugeException

	centraliza la emision de excepciones, ayudando a traducir los mensajes usando CrugeTranslator

 	@author: Christian Salazar H. <> @bluyell
	@license protected/modules/cruge/LICENCE
class CrugeException extends CHttpException {
	public $classParent;
	public $extra;
	public $code;
	public function __construct($message,$code=500,$extra=""){
		$this->code = $code;
		$this->extra = $extra;
	public function __toString() {
        return $this->classParent . ": [{$this->code}]: ".CrugeTranslator::t($this->message)."\n".$extra;
		return CrugeTranslator::t($this->message)."<br/>".$this->code;
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