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-        public funtion sendemail($to,$subject,$body) 
+        public funtion sendEmail($to,$subject,$body) 
-            return parent::sendemail($to,$subject,$body);
+            if(!parent::sendEmail($to,$subject,$body)) {
+                throw new CrugeMailerException('El Mail no ha sido enviado revise la configuración del servidor');
+            }
+            return true;


 	protected function render($viewname,$data=array()){
 		return $this->getController()->render($viewname,$data,true);
-	protected function sendemail($to,$subject,$body) {
+	protected function sendEmail($to,$subject,$body) {
 		$from = $this->mailfrom;
 		$headers="From: {$from}\r\nReply-To: {$from}";
 		$ret = @mail($to,$this->subjectprefix.$subject,$body,$headers);


+class CrugeMailerException extends Exception
     * @param String $to correo destinatario
     * @param String $subject asunto del correo
     * @param String $body cuerpo del correo 
-    * @return 
+    * @return boolean
+    * @throws CrugeMailerException
-    public function sendemail($to,$subject,$body);
+    public function sendeMail($to,$subject,$body);
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