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adding jQueryUI and extraCss cappabilities

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 	public $modelName = '';	// example: 'Flavor'
 	public $parentKey; 		// example: 'categoryid' (flavor belongs to catgid)
 	public $attribute;		// example: 'flavor_name'
+	public $extraCss;		// any css class name, or the alias: 'jquery.ui'
 	public $newItemLabel = 'New Item';
 	public $deleteConfirmation = 'Please confirm the item deletion.';
 			$this->onSuccess = "function(){}";
 		if($this->onError == null)
 			$this->onError = "function(){}";
+		if($this->extraCss==null)
+			$this->extraCss='';
 	public function run(){
 		$delete  = $this->_baseUrl.'/delete.png';
 		$update  = $this->_baseUrl.'/update.png';
+		$css1 = $this->extraCss;
+		$css2 = '';
+		if($this->extraCss == 'jquery.ui'){
+			$css1 = 'ui-widget-content';
+			$css2 = 'ui-widget-header';
+		}
-<div id={$this->id} class='dippy'>
-	<div class='dcontrol'>
+<div id={$this->id} class='dippy {$css1}'>
+	<div class='dcontrol {$css2}'>
 		<a class='newItem'>{$this->newItemLabel}<img src='{$loading}'></a>
+			'extraCss'=>$this->extraCss,
+#jQuery UI and extra CSS.
+You can associate the style passing the string 'jquery.ui' to the 'extraCss'
+attribute, Dippy Widget will work togheter with jQuery UI.
+Also, you can pass a single class name to the 'extraCss' attribute.
 #onChange Event
 Call a JS function whenever a Dippy selection changes. You can use the
 	padding: 3px;
 	margin: 3px;
 	background-color: white;
+	color: black;
 .dippy .dcontrol {
 	background-color: #ddd;
 .drow-selected {
 	background-color: #ddff99;
+	color: black;
 .dippy .drow-removed {
 	var newItem = function(id, label){
+		var className = 'drow';
-		"<div alt='"+id+"' class='drow'>"+
+		"<div alt='"+id+"' class='"+className+"'>"+
 		"<img class='wait' src='"+options.imgWait+"'>"+
 		"<span class='text' title='"+id+"'>"+label+"</span>"+
 		"<img class='ddelete' src='"+options.imgDelete+"' >"+
 				var prior = div.find("[alt|='"+old_id+"']");
 				var item  = $(this);'current_item',id);
-				item.addClass('drow-selected');	
-				prior.removeClass('drow-selected');
+				var className = 'drow-selected';
+				if(options.extraCss == 'jquery.ui')
+					className = 'ui-state-active';
+				item.addClass(className);	
+				prior.removeClass(className);
 				var _div = item.parent();
 				var _this ='_this');
 				_this.change(item, prior);
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