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combobox and input alignment. htmlOptions clearing if empty values present

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 			$htmlOptions += $this->htmlOptions;
 			$htmlOptions += $this->field->htmlOptions;
+		// clear empty attributes
+		//
+		if(isset($htmlOptions))
+			foreach($htmlOptions as $opt=>$val)	
+				if(empty($val))
+					unset($htmlOptions[$opt]);
 		//	every input field must have 'alt' signature stablished to 'input' or it wont be recognized
 		if($this->field->uicomponent == 'checkbox'){
+			if(!isset($htmlOptions['class']))
+				$htmlOptions['class']='checkbox';
 			$input = CHtml::checkBox($inputName,($this->getValue() > 0),$htmlOptions);


 	display: block;
-.eyuiform .panel {
-	/*
-	border-radius: 5px;
-	display: block;
-	clear: both;
-	padding: 4px;
-	border: 1px dotted #aaa;*/
+.eyuiform .group br,
+.eyuiform .group hr {
+  margin: 0px;
+  padding: 0px;
+.eyuiform input, 
+.eyuiform select 
+	margin: 3px;
+	height: 25px;
+	padding: 2px;
 .eyuiform {
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