EYuiDemo /

EYui Demo

Instructions for demo.

  1. download this demo source code from here (look at "get source" command bar) and uncompress into your selected destination. example: c:/code/eyuidemo.

  2. download a recent copy of EYui. download eyui as zip

  3. uncompress the eyui zip file (step 2) into:

    (create the 'extensions' directory if needed)
  4. your LS command (or dir command in windows) must show you something similar to:

    $ ls
    EYuiAction.php          EYuiFormGroup.php       EYuiWidget.php
    EYuiActionRunnable.php  EYuiFormIStorage.php
    EYuiFooWidget.php       EYuiFormIValidator.php  assets
    EYuiForm.php            EYuiFormModel.php       eyuiformdb-mysql-schema.sql
    EYuiFormDb.php          EYuiFormPage.php        eyuiformdb-sqlite-schema.sql
    EYuiFormField.php       EYuiSearch.php          eyuisearch.gif
    EYuiFormFieldDef.php    EYuiSearchable.php      uml
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