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+## What is actually backed up and how do I restore from that backup?
+Bitbucket Backup creates local repositories and pulls from the remote Bitbucket repositories into the local ones.  
+Those local repositories are **bare repositories**, i.e. they don't contain a working directory.  
+When you look inside the repository directories, you'll see this:
+- **Mercurial**: A single folder named `.hg`
+- **Git**: Some folders (`objects`, `refs`, ...) and some files
+**Your complete history and your source code are in there - you just don't see the actual files.**  
+The repository is backed up without a working directory, because it's not necessary. All the data already exists inside the repository, a second copy of everything in the working directory would just be a waste of space.
+The easiest way to restore your working directory is to clone the bare repository that Bitbucket Backup created *(called `bare-repo` in the examples)*, which will create a clone **with** a working directory *(called `working-repo` in the examples)*:
+#### Mercurial:
+	hg clone bare-repo working-repo 
+It's also possible to create the working directory directly inside the bare repository:
+	cd bare-repo
+	hg update tip
+#### Git:
+	git clone bare-repo.git working-repo
+*(Note: It seems the Git tools do not like cloning from a bare repository that does not end in the `.git` extension, so Bitbucket Backup automatically appends it to all Git repositories)* 
+For more background information *(and the discussion that led to the creation of this section)* see [this issue](
 ## Development
 #### How to build

File wix/version_number.bat

 rem Version Number:
 rem This number is used for both the setup AND the actual application. Just increase it.
-set VersionNumber=1.3.2
+set VersionNumber=1.3.3
 rem ProductId:
 rem Replace the GUID by a new one (important: with capital letters and curly braces!)
-set ProductId={5019A9A3-5D8E-40a4-AC28-A59BF3F532F3}
+set ProductId={6B54A5A9-DBE5-4584-B341-874709E59D98}