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Christian Specht
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Git support works for now, but very unstable (tested it with v1.7.7, but it doesn't work with v1.6.5.1, for example)

--> find a solution that works with all Git versions (or at least with more than the current solution)

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  1. Drew Peterson

    I'm considering using this to back up our private git repos, what types of instability have you seen? We're using v1.8.0 locally, if there are compatibility issues I may be able to invest some time fixing things. Thanks!

  2. Christian Specht reporter

    Only "unstable" in the sense that it doesn't work with all Git versions that I tried.

    The thing is: I don't use Git at all, I'm a Mercurial user.
    But after the Bitbucket team added Git support to Bitbucket, I felt compelled to add Git support to Bitbucket Backup.
    (because it doesn't deserve being called "Bitbucket Backup" if it's not able to backup everything that Bitbucket offers...)

    And I did this without really knowing Git.
    I even had to ask on Stack Overflow for the right Git syntax, but at the time I had two machines with two different Git versions, and the answer that I got did only work on one of them.
    (on the other machine the older Git version refused to pull from the remote repo, and I wasn't able to figure out why)

    I didn't find a better solution, I didn't really use Git, and nobody except myself used Bitbucket Backup at the time (the 100 followers came later) I just stopped there and left it like that.

    In my account, I just have one private dummy Git repository which I cloned from somewhere a year ago.
    Bitbucket Backup processes it every time without displaying errors, and I can view the log with Git. That's all I tested.

    I would be glad if someone who actually knows Git would test Bitbucket Backup with some actual, real Git repositories.
    So if you're interested to use Bitbucket Backup, it would be nice if you could just try to backup your private Git repos, and check if everything works.

    Thank you!

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