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Johan Samyn
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Hi Christian,

As you are able to backup the wiki repo, I wondered if that could be done for issues too ?


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  1. Christian Specht repo owner

    Hi Johan,

    backing up the issues is not as easy as backing up the wiki (the wiki is a repository as well and can be cloned and pulled exactly as the main repository, but that's not the case for the issues).

    The issues are available via the Bitbucket API:

    ...but only in JSON (or optionally XML/YAML). The easiest way to backup them would be to just save that JSON in a text file. Any better ideas?

    I don't know if a "standard" file format for issues exists. No matter what it is, AFAIK it can't be imported into Bitbucket again anyway.

  2. Johan Samyn reporter

    (Reply via

    Hi, Thanks for making this clear, and for the tip about the Bitbucket api for achieving backup of the issues. Johan

  3. Christian Specht repo owner

    Hi Johan,

    maybe I didn't make myself clear enough: I would love to have the issues of my own projects backed up as I WANT to add this feature to Bitbucket Backup.

    The thing is: I'm not sure what's the best way to backup them. As I said before, I could call the API, get the JSON that it returns and save it in a text file.

    And then I have...well, a text file with JSON :-)

    That way the data from the issues isn't lost should Bitbucket go out of service tomorrow, but I'm afraid you can't really do anything useful with the issues in JSON format.

    So I'm not sure if this makes really sense, but unfortunately I don't have a better idea.

  4. Johan Samyn reporter


    Though I appreciate the enthousiasm you show to add this feature, don't be mislead by the "major" status. I guess I just didn't pay much attention to those settings when registering my question. Cause it was just that, a question, formulated as a feature request. I used this issue tracker as that seemed the best way to contact you about this.

    Does the api provide some means to write back to the Bitbucket issue database btw? If not, have tou contacted the Bitbucket people about that ?


  5. Andrew Herrington

    Hi Christian,

    I think a text file with JSON in and given the extension .json would be best. JSON is a fantastic data format - human readable and compatible with so many programming languages - what could be better?

  6. Christian Specht repo owner

    Hi Andrew,

    BETTER would be a special standardized "bug tracker" format that I can just right-click and import into any bug tracking application under the sun.
    But something like that probably doesn't exist, so I guess I'll stick with a JSON file :-)

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