The backup tool creates .idx file and .pack file. How do I process these files?

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I used the bigbucket backup tool hoping to backup my code from bigbucket repository.

The tool runs fine and pulls down the code. When I see the downloaded code, it does not resemble my source code.

I could see that it contains a .pack file which is the biggest file. I also see a .idx file there. I thought that these files, are zipped archives, but they are not.

Can you please help me with the steps to backup my code and see my source code?

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  1. Christian Specht repo owner

    Bitbucket Backup doesn't create any special files, it just uses Git/Mercurial to clone your repositories from Bitbucket to your local machine.

    So what you're seeing there is a repository which contains your source code (in this case a Git repository, indicated by the presence of .idx and .pack files).
    But you don't see the actual source code, because the repository doesn't have a working directory. In "Git speak", this is called a bare repository.

    Disclaimer: I usually work with Mercurial, so I know Mercurial better than Git.

    To get back your source code from a bare Git repository, apparently you just have to clone it.

    You can also view the history without cloning. Git Extensions, for example, can display the history of a bare repository without the need to clone it first.

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