1. Christian Specht
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Pull requests

#2 Merged

Improved git support and added support for Bitbucket Teams

  1. Drew Peterson
  • Improve git support by including tag refs
  • Add configuration option for bitbucket team
  • If team is configured, team repositories will be downloaded rather than user repositories
  • Added Team-related resource strings, even took a shot at the German (please don't laugh)
  • Added *.DotSettings to hgignore to ignore resharper settings

Comments (2)

  1. Christian Specht repo owner

    Hi Drew,

    looks great, thank you!

    One question, because you seem to know Git better than I do:
    Do you know since which version Git supports refs/heads/*:refs/heads/* and refs/tags/*:refs/tags/* ?

    I'd like to put some kind of system requirements into the readme, e.g. the minimal Git version that you need for using Bitbucket Backup.

    I only know that it works with 1.7.7 because I have that one on my machine and your changes work here, and I already wrote in the issue that refs/heads/*:refs/heads/* didn't work on my other machine with

    Any idea?
    If not, I'll just leave 1.7.7 in the readme.

  2. Drew Peterson author

    Sorry, replied to you as a message instead of here. Quick recap: I doubt anyone will be using anything older than 1.7, and I don't recall exactly but I'm sure it's a 1.7 feature so putting >= 1.7.x in the requirements will probably be sufficient. Worst case scenario, someone reports that it doesn't work. We can always add code later on to parse the git version and use a different command.