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 - [Download page](https://bitbucket.org/christianspecht/missilesharp/downloads)
 - [NuGet gallery](https://nuget.org/packages/MissileSharp)
-- [Found a bug?](https://bitbucket.org/christianspecht/missilesharp/issues/new)
+- [Report a bug](https://bitbucket.org/christianspecht/missilesharp/issues/new)
 - [Main project page on Bitbucket](https://bitbucket.org/christianspecht/missilesharp)
 	launcher.RunCommandSet("Steve");   // shoot Steve
-If you want to see a complete example, there is a demo console application in the code (not in the releases).  
+If you want to see a simple but complete example, there is a demo console application in the code (not in the releases).  
 Look at [the code](https://bitbucket.org/christianspecht/missilesharp/src/tip/src/MissileSharp.Demo/Program.cs) and [the config file](https://bitbucket.org/christianspecht/missilesharp/src/tip/src/MissileSharp.Demo/settings.txt).
+For a more complex demo application, take a look at the MissileSharp Launcher:
+<a name="launcher"></a>
+# MissileSharp Launcher
+MissileSharp Launcher is a WPF application, which uses MissileSharp to do exactly what is described in the "Config files" section above:  
+On startup, it automatically loads command sets from a settings file and displays a button for each available command set. You can run the command sets by clicking the respective button.
+Using the [config file](https://bitbucket.org/christianspecht/missilesharp/src/tip/src/MissileSharp.Demo/settings.txt) from the previous example, it looks like this:
+![MissileSharp Launcher screenshot](https://bitbucket.org/christianspecht/missilesharp/raw/tip/img/launcher.png)
+You can edit the settings file at runtime with these two buttons:  
+![Edit Settings](https://bitbucket.org/christianspecht/missilesharp/raw/tip/img/launcher-settings.png)  
+The left one opens the settings file for editing.  
+After editing, click the right button to re-load the settings from the file.
+#### How to get MissileSharp Launcher:
+- [Install via ClickOnce](http://missilesharp.codeplex.com/downloads/get/clickOnce/MissileSharp.Launcher.application)
+- [Download a zip file with the binaries](https://bitbucket.org/christianspecht/missilesharp/downloads)
+At the moment, MissileSharp Launcher always uses the Thunder Missile Launcher model (hardcoded in `app.config`), but that will be changed when MissileSharp supports more than one model.
 ## How to build

File src/MissileSharp.Launcher/ViewModels/AboutWindowViewModel.cs

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         public string SiteUrl
-            get { return this.info.CompanyName; }
+            get { return this.info.CompanyName + "#launcher"; }
         public string LicenseUrl

File src/MissileSharp.Launcher/Views/AboutWindow.xaml

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         Title="About MissileSharp Launcher"
-        Height="240" Width="400"
+        Height="270" Width="400"
         <TextBlock FontSize="14" Margin="0 10">
-            More information: <Hyperlink Command="{Binding LinkCommand}" CommandParameter="{Binding SiteUrl}"><TextBlock Text="{Binding SiteUrl}"/></Hyperlink>
+            More information:<LineBreak /><Hyperlink Command="{Binding LinkCommand}" CommandParameter="{Binding SiteUrl}"><TextBlock Text="{Binding SiteUrl}"/></Hyperlink>
         <TextBlock FontSize="14" Margin="0 10">