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+Read the license:
+ *
+Basicaly, use it anyway you want but include this license file in the source if your project is open source. Nothing is needed in the front facing project (UNLESS you are using any of the icons listed below). Commercial use is not only allowed but encouraged. This pack was made to promote consistency in applications.
+- Austin Andrews (@templarian)
+- Oren Nachman
+  - appbar.chevron.down
+  - appbar.chevron.up
+  - appbar.chevron.left
+  - appbar.chevron.right
+- Kris Vandermotten (@kvandermotten)
+  - appbar.medical.pulse
+- Constantin Kichinsky (@kichinsky)
+  - appbar.currency.rubles
+  - appbar.currency.grivna
+- Massimo Savazzi (@msavazzi)
+  - List of missing exported icons
+- Proletkult Graphik, from The Noun Project
+  - appbar.draw.pen (inspired)
+- Olivier Guin, from The Noun Project
+  - appbar.draw.marker
+- Gibran Bisio, from The Noun Project
+  - appbar.draw.bucket
+Andrew Forrester, from The Noun Project
+  - appbar.fingerprint
+** Developers and designers that emailed Templarian the source .design icons to be added into the package. PNGs also accepted, but may take longer to be added.
+*** Icons I've copied so closely you want to attribute them and are also under the CC license.
+- admin[@]templarian[.]com
+* Does not apply to copyrighted logos
+- Skype
+- Facebook
+- Twitter
+- etc...
 - [Autofac](
 - [Hid Library](
 - [MahApps.Metro](
+- [Modern UI Icons](
 - [Moq](
 - [MSBuild Community Tasks](
 - [NuGet](


     <Resource Include="..\..\img\logo64x64.png">
+    <Resource Include="..\..\img\WindowsIcons\appbar.question.png">
+      <Link>Views\appbar.question.png</Link>
+    </Resource>
+    <Resource Include="..\..\img\WindowsIcons\appbar.refresh.png">
+      <Link>Views\appbar.refresh.png</Link>
+    </Resource>
+    <Resource Include="..\..\img\WindowsIcons\appbar.settings.png">
+      <Link>Views\appbar.settings.png</Link>
+    </Resource>
     <Content Include="..\MissileSharp.Demo\settings.txt">


-            <Button Content="ABOUT" Command="{Binding AboutCommand}" />
-            <Button Content="EDIT SETTINGS" Command="{Binding EditSettingsCommand}" />
-            <Button Content="RELOAD SETTINGS" Command="{Binding ReloadSettingsCommand}" />
+            <Button Command="{Binding EditSettingsCommand}">
+                <Image Source="appbar.settings.png" />
+            </Button>
+            <Button Command="{Binding ReloadSettingsCommand}">
+                <Image Source="appbar.refresh.png" />
+            </Button>
+            <Button Command="{Binding AboutCommand}">
+                <Image Source="appbar.question.png" />
+            </Button>
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