RoboShell Backup / src / messages.psd1

ConvertFrom-StringData @"
	noNasDrive = NAS drive {0} does not exist!
	noUsbDrive = USB drive {0} does not exist!
	noBackupN = Backup to NAS will not run!
	noBackupU = Backup to external USB drive will not run!
	windowClose = This window will close in {0} seconds!
	missingFolders1 = Missing source folder(s)!
	missingFolders2 = The following source folders do not exist:
	backupStartN1 = Backup from local machine to NAS
	backupStartN2 = Folders will be backed up to:
	backupStartN3 = Backup will start in {0} seconds!	
	backupStartU1 = Backup from NAS to external USB drive
	backupStartU2 = NAS drive letter:              {0}
	backupStartU3 = USB drive destination folder:  {0}
	pressEnter1 = Press Enter to start
	pressEnter2 = Press Enter to exit
	tcMissingExe = TrueCrypt.exe could not be found on USB drive: {0}
	tcMissingVolume = TrueCrypt volume could not be found on USB drive: {0}
	tcMountDriveExists = Drive {0} already exists, can't be mounted!