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Issue #2 resolved
Daniel Ziltener created an issue

The app doesn't find any .pkpass files even if they're directly in the home directory, and trying to open the file from the file manager just gives an error that no application is registered for the file type.

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  1. Christof Bürgi repo owner

    As mentioned before, I'm currently unavailable, but I should be able to look at this starting November 9.

    Passes won't open from file managers due to a restriction of SailfishOS. I'll try to find a workaround, but for now, that's how it is.

    Passes in the home directory should show up automatically, if they have names ending in .pkpass and not starting with dots (ie aren't invisible). If they don't show up in spite of correct file names, they probably are deemed faulty for some reason. In that case, I'd be glad if you could PM me one of the passes (or attach it to the issue, if you don't mind the pass being visible to the public.

  2. Christof Bürgi repo owner

    I received some technically faulty passes that still showed up in the reference app, so the next release (next week) will accept those.

  3. Florian Jacob

    I just tested it, opening passbook files from file managers or Transfers in Sailfish System Settings still doesn't work with the current version. I found out this is because the passbook file format is not in the shared-mime-info database currently. So you have to add the entry by yourself.

    Add the file /usr/share/mime/packages/passbook.xml

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     Remove as soon as this lands in shared-mime-info and we depend on that version.
    <mime-info xmlns="">
        <mime-type type="application/">
            <comment>Passbook ticket</comment>
            <glob pattern="*.pkpass" />
            <sub-class-of type="application/zip"/>

    And then run (with devel-su root privileges) update-mime-database /usr/share/mime.

    Afterwards, opening PassViewer when tapping on .pkpass files actually works. 😁

    @christof_buergi a normal linux desktop package would handle that by including this file and running update-mime-database in its post-install script as long as the type hasn't arrived in the shared-mime-info database. But I guess including that file is not allowed in harbour? How strict are they with their file inclusion rules?

  4. Christof Bürgi repo owner


    Well, that should be a new issue, but I can answer this easily enough. As you guessed, Harbour rules stop me from installing anything into /usr/share/mime. Additionally, I'm not allowed to run post-install scripts for security reasons.

    However, a MIME-type package on OpenRepos is easy enough, so I uploaded one.

  5. Florian Jacob

    The initial issue also stated problems with the mime type, which is how I found this issue:

    “and trying to open the file from the file manager just gives an error that no application is registered for the file type”

    I should have opened a new one, though, as it's not related to the main faulty passbook issue, sorry.

    I just tested your MIME-type package and it works perfectly, thanks alot. :+1:

  6. Christof Bürgi repo owner


    No problem. I primarily wrote what I did before to avoid confusion, as I'm going to close this issue as "not reproducible" in a few days (unless something turns up).

    Also, I have to thank you, because I somehow completely forgot that I can do in OpenRepos what I can't in Harbour. ^_^;

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