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Issue #3 resolved
Harald Schmitt created an issue

I received a digital ticket. Passviewer detects it and displays it in the list of tickets. If you click on it the pass is not shown correctly. Only the header is displayed. Selecting the menu entry "view barcode" shows a white screen. Switching to the simple view works. There the barcode works, too

The digital ticket is attached. I modified the barcode and some id's so that my ticket is not on the internet

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  1. Christof Bürgi repo owner
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    This is not a Passbook file. It's a competing standard called esPass. esPass files are usually created, when a pass is "shared" from PassAndroid.

    I could include support for esPass in a future release if you like, but I need a spec. So far, the spec seems to be not public, not finalized, and the last vital sign I could find is from July 2017.

  2. Harald Schmitt reporter

    I attached the pkpass file to the issue (I modified some ids). It has the same issue. It does not show correctly. Only the simple view works.

  3. Christof Bürgi repo owner

    The esPass spec doesn't look that bad. It is similar enough to the PassBook format that it gets mistaken for it (obviously). I might properly implement this in the next release.

    As for the PassBook file: Somehow the barcode seems to trigger a bug here (the missing info is supposed to be displayed under the barcode). Unfortunately I'm quite busy right now, but I'll look into this as soon as I can.

  4. Christof Bürgi repo owner

    The bug is triggered by the absence of a primary field.

    To elaborate: Primary fields contain the subject of a pass, such as the event name for an event ticket. Each pass may have exactly one, except for boarding passes, which may have two (for the departure and arrival location respectively). However, the presence of a primary field is not actually required.

    When I wrote this program, I mistakenly believed the primary fields to be mandatory. Thus the normal view code aborts when it can't find a primary field. That shouldn't be too hard to fix. However, I also need a solution for the pass list. That one is currently showing the pass icon along the contents of the primary field(s). This is the reason, why only an icon is shown for this pass. I'll probably use the first secondary field, or lacking that, the first auxiliary field, and finally the barcode's text. If neither of those exist, the pass is empty anyway.

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