Convert CEF project files from gyp to gn

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Marshall Greenblatt created an issue

Original issue 1403 created by magreenblatt on 2014-10-14T21:21:37.000Z:

The Chromium team is converting project files from gyp format to gn format. The same conversion needs to be performed for CEF's gyp files.

Gn support for project formats other than Ninja is expected to be limited. It may be necessary to migrate the CEF binary distribution to a project generator other than gn (for example, cmake) in order to continue providing MSVS/Xcode/make projects on various platforms.



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  1. Marshall Greenblatt reporter

    Initial GN configuration added in master revision d0a2e21.

    The GN configuration is considered experimental at this time and is not recommended for official builds. See usage instructions at the top of

    Remaining work:

    • Fix Widevine building on Mac (should be fixed in
    • Generate proper framework version number on Mac.
    • Include crash_inspector and on Mac.
  2. Marshall Greenblatt reporter

    When configured to generate Visual Studio project files GN is generating invalid vcxproj files due to the use of variables in cef_paths.gyp and cef_paths2.gyp source lists (for example, "<@(autogen_cpp_includes)"). Those variables should be removed and the use in GYP files expanded.

    Fixed in master revision f2f76a0 and 2785 branch revision 6b6edcc.

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