Linux: Improve CEF X11 window behavior in cefclient GTK example

Issue #1417 new
Marshall Greenblatt
created an issue

Original issue 1417 created by magreenblatt on 2014-10-27T22:29:56.000Z:

The cefclient example application on Linux mixes GTK and X11 calls. This behaves incorrectly in some cases. For example

  • Focus on the URL text field does not display correctly (gray highlight on selected text instead of the expected blue highlight).
  • Popup windows are activated multiple times due to focus changes during creation (see use of |focus_pending_| in CefWindowX11).

There may be a better way to host the X11 window in GTK (gdk_window_foreign_new perhaps?). See issue comment 12.58 for related commentary.

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