Linux: CefClient url box losses input focus if mouse is moved into main browser window

Issue #1679 resolved
syed idris shah
created an issue

Here are steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Open cefclient and click in the url box
  2. Try to type some letters. (It works).
  3. Move the mouse to the main browser window
  4. Try to type some letters.(It does not work).

Moving the mouse out of the browser window completely gives the input focus back to the cefclient url box. This makes CEF impractical to use in production. Effects 2272, and 2357 on linux.

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  1. Megan Smith

    I can also add the following related symptom:

    1. Start cefclient
    2. Click in anything else that will receive keyboard events (like a text editor)
    3. Click on a text field in the google home page in cefclient
    4. At this point the web page does not receive the keyboard events (and I haven't found any series of clicks that bring it back)

    This is running 2454 branch on Ubuntu 12.04

  2. Megan Smith

    I would love to contribute to fixing this if it will get it done sooner. I will start looking at it, but if you happen to have any tips or hunches on where the problem might lie, please let me know.

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