Fix documentation error: no disable-javascript command-line flag

Issue #1848 resolved
swagata-daffodil created an issue

I have tried to disable javascript via command line switch disable-javascript. But it isnt working. I am using cefsharp wpf which is using cef3.

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  1. amaitland

    Out of curiosity are the other javascript related command line options referenced in the doc valid? e.g. disable-javascript-close-windows?

  2. Marshall Greenblatt

    Yes, the other flags are implemented in CEF (libcef/common/ The "disable-javascript" flag was likely implemented in Chromium at one time. We could implement support for it in CEF (so that it works again), but it's probably better to retire flags that Chromium no longer supports.

  3. Marshall Greenblatt

    is enable-npapi still relevant in master?

    Well, Chromium hasn't deleted the ContentBrowserClient::IsNPAPIEnabled() method yet, so it might still do something :)

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