Issues w/ downloading files in Flash

Issue #1904 wontfix
Jeremy Ke created an issue
  1. Directly downloading a file from flash, or opening a PDF from Flash and clicking on the "save" button in PDF viewer. It can be tested via this website:
  2. File is expected to be downloaded. Nothing happens instead.
  3. Chromium 49.0.2623.110, Windows 8, 64 bit. Flash PPAPI v21.0.0.242
  4. Using the cefclient example on the current version, we have the same issue. I will test with a few older builds. Update - Tested w/ Branch 2623, 2526, and 2454. Does not work with any of them.
  5. Google Chrome is fine, with both older/current versions.

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  1. Marshall Greenblatt

    OK, that's odd. It works if I click on the link or use the --url parameter, but it doesn't work if I enter the URL via the text field. I'm seeing the same behavior in Google Chrome 54.0.2840.71 -- clicking the link works, but right-clicking and selecting "Open link in new tab" does not.

    In any case, download seems to work provided a --cache-path value is specified.

  2. Marshall Greenblatt

    a Save file dialog appears and saves DownloadTest.swf.

    That's saving the Flash file, not using Flash to save a file :) Specify --enable-system-flash to enable the Flash plugin.

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