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Marshall Greenblatt
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Once CEF supports building on arbitrary Linux ARM platforms (issue #1990) it will theoretically be possible to also support the Android platform. This is interesting primarily because Google has added Google Play to ChromeOS which supports the installation of Android apps [1] on Chromebooks.

Android support will likely involve the introduction of a significant amount of Java code since Java is the preferred language for developing on Android. Java interfaces can probably be shared/merged with the JCEF project [2].

The resulting Android apps can likely also target phone form factors. However, that is not the primary use case for this issue. Applications targeting the phone form factor should consider using the existing Android WebView [3] which is also based on Chromium.

This issue is blocked on completion of issue #1990.




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  1. NikitaFeodonit

    I am very grateful to you that you are thinking about the problem of assembling for Android.

    At me to you the request to leave an opportunity of access from a Android NDK environment for the C++ development.


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