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Marshall Greenblatt created an issue

Once CEF supports building on arbitrary Linux ARM platforms (issue #1990) it will theoretically be possible to also support the Android platform. This is interesting primarily because Google has added Google Play to ChromeOS which supports the installation of Android apps [1] on Chromebooks.

Android support will likely involve the introduction of a significant amount of Java code since Java is the preferred language for developing on Android. Java interfaces can probably be shared/merged with the JCEF project [2].

The resulting Android apps can likely also target phone form factors. However, that is not the primary use case for this issue. Applications targeting the phone form factor should consider using the existing Android WebView [3] which is also based on Chromium.

This issue is blocked on completion of issue #1990.




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  1. NikitaFeodonit

    I am very grateful to you that you are thinking about the problem of assembling for Android.

    At me to you the request to leave an opportunity of access from a Android NDK environment for the C++ development.


  2. QwertyChouskie

    What is the current plan for this? I really want to use CEF for a project I'm working on (written in c++), but having it work on Android as well as Win/Mac/Linux is a must.

  3. Eric Lua (forDream)

    CEF currently supports arm devices. It would be appreciated if you could support the Android platform again at this time.

    The CrossWalk project has been discontinued now. But may provide some necessary reference。

  4. Dustin Ryan - Roepsch

    Has anyone scoped out this task?
    I’m trying to get a sense of how much still needs to be done to support android.
    If we only want OSR functionality, does that reduce the work by much?

  5. afpro liu

    Is there any plan for this?

    I want to contribute to this feature, but I don’t know where to start. It will be helpful if someone create a todo list for this.

  6. afpro liu

    The new android webview is based on chrome, but chrome is not always available in china main land. bundle a specific webkit into app could solve bunch of compatible issues.

  7. disarticulate

    On 3/21/21 9:02 PM, afpro liu wrote:

    With a packaged standard CEF version, one could ensure a distributed app and a website based Progressive Web App could be updated without weird bug changes. It'd be a more universal basis for electron-like functionality on Android. Afaik, you can't really depend on what version of an android website you'll get with a webview.

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