Non-browser forms in MDI container do not redraw properly when moved

Issue #2086 wontfix
Ev Conrad created an issue

When there are multiple forms in a WinForms MDI container, when non-browser forms are moved over the form with an embedded browser, they do not repaint properly. When the browser form is again clicked on, the borders of the other forms get repainted, but not the main part of the forms.

Seen in at least build 2785, running on Windows 7 Enterprise N

The problem shows up in multiple products build on top of CEF, including CefSharp and DotNetBrowser.

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  1. Ev Conrad reporter

    I found that this still exists in a much later version, build 2883, although since I am using this through a wrapper I still need to investigate if this is an issue in later builds, and if it can be reproduced using the sample apps.

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