MacOSX/Linux: Browser process does not forward Content main's command line switches to other process (Renderer and GPU)

Issue #2219 duplicate
Panneerselvam V. created an issue

How to reproduce:

  1. Download latest version of cefclient or build cefclient using master branch (3113)
  2. Invoke cefclient with the command: <path to cefclient> --no-sandbox --renderer-startup-dialog

Expected output:

cefclient should start browser process and on the renderer process start, it should wait for the debugger.


Renderer process does not wait for debugger. If you examine renderer's command line, you can observe that browser process does not pass it's command line arguments to renderer process. This happens for all switches defined at This issue is not producible in Windows.

Version: Tested with 3071 and master branch as of 18-July-2017. This issue is not reproducible in 2987 branch.

OS: Mac OS 10.12.1

Reason for this failure:

Chromium expects delegate and command line arguments in service_manager::MainInitialize after creating sm_main_params_ but CEF sets only the delegate at I am creating the PR to fix this issue.

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