CEF crash in a DLL when exit my application

Issue #2231 invalid
wangjs created an issue

I have encapsulated CEF in a DLL, and export some function.CEF initialize and running is normal, but when the program exit, call AfxFreelibrary, CEF break at [broker_serivces.cc line 133].

In line 114, // The destructor should only be called when the Broker process is terminating. // Since BrokerServicesBase is a singleton, this is called from the CRT // termination handlers, if this code lives on a DLL it is called during // DLL_PROCESS_DETACH in other words, holding the loader lock, so we cannot // wait for threads here.

How can I deal this problem?

CEF version : cef_binary_3.3071.1646.gbb29707_windows64 Chromuim version :59.0.3071.109 Develop enviroment: VS2013 with UPDATE 4, windows professional 64.

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