Problem with displaying the context menu by clicking with the user mouse

Issue #2264 duplicate
Сергей Иванов created an issue

Hello. I use lubuntu OS 16.04 64bit, cef framework 3.3112.1658. The mode of "manual rotation" of the event cycle is used - CefDoMessageLoopWork() called by timer. The context menu with the right mouse click is not always opened and disappears through the interval with which CfDoMessageLoopWork () is called. With some other contextual menus in the interface of the loaded page (for example, at signup page) the same thing happens. But if you call the right mouse button event programmatically using SendMouseClickEvent, everything works fine. Video (36 secs) problem illustration:

In the example of a cefsimple, the context menu is not displayed at all with the right mouse click. Video (1 min 17 secs) problem illustration:

The same behavior at my system in cef framework 3.3071.1646 - older version.

In the cefclient example context menus work fine. In a Chrome browser, of course, too.

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