cefclient on Linux: osr rendering slow/not working after b3163.

Issue #2286 invalid
Dennis Mohr created an issue


  • get a build of b3202 on Linux x64
  • build cefclient
  • run cefclient with --off-screen-rendering-enabled
  • try to use browser

What happens: The browser windows stays mostly blank, rather randomly it displays one single frame, it is not responsive and not usable.

Version: I have tested only on Linux x64 (xubuntu) for now.

I have reproduced this on a clean b3202 and master. Using the same build flags/environment it works as expected on b3163 so I assume the errornous behaviour got introduced somewhere between b3163 and b3202.

In our own application OSR works fine on all aforementioned branches so I am assuming it is something related cefclient.

There are only 22 commits between b3163 and b3202 so a dissect may be an option, my machine takes like 6 hours to create a single build. Maybe someone can reproduce it or has an educated guess which commit may cause this behaviour.

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  1. Dennis Mohr reporter

    I had accidentally applied PR131 to all my test builds except b3163 (which was official and working as expected).

    Today I've built a correct master build without any patches and hadn't the described issue. So for me the issue was my wrong understanding of the build and not doing things as described in ContributingWithGit.

    I am guessing 823639792 see's a different issue than that which is described here so I propose to close this issue as most of my findings are actually based on wrong assumptions.

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