Allow transparent browser for windowed mode.

Issue #2315 open
santosh mahto created an issue

As of now windowed mode browser background is set to opaque(WHITE) but windowless browser background is set to transparent by default.

There are many valid use case for embedder to allow windowed mode browser also to be transparent when browser is layered on top of some existing UI, and that UI should be visible though browser.

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  1. santosh mahto reporter

    @magreenblatt : Let me know what you think about this, I already have local patch for this.

  2. Marshall Greenblatt

    What platforms does it work on? How is it configured? You're welcome to submit a PR for further discussion.

  3. Mitchell Charity

    Fyi, the PR from 2017-12 has a title with an incorrect issue number.

    The misidentified issue is closed, which perhaps contributed to the lack of follow-up on this one?

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